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Towing Trailer mount Sawmills

Q: What does it take to haul the trailer mount sawmills?

A: The trailers are lightweight construction and the entire units weigh between 1,900 lbs and 2,500 lbs depending on model. The tongue weight is about 1/3 of the total weight. The do not have electric brakes but have lights and reflectors. They need a 2 inch ball and most use Flat 4 electrical connectors.

Hauling logs

Q: Can I haul logs on my trailer mount sawmill?

A: The trailers are very light weight and do not have electric brakes. The are rated for 3,500 Lbs. Since the trailers weigh between 1,900 lbs and 2,500 lbs you could potentially haul a log that weighs less than 1,000 lbs (not a very big log) if it were well strapped down. It is possible, but NOT recommended to haul logs on your sawmill.

Wavy cuts

Q: My last cut was wavy. the blade would cut low then high as it went down the log, what is wrong?

A: Check your blade tension. If that looks right, then your blade probably needs to be replaced.